The Rules

Life on The Freedom Machine

It’s no secret, at Megabake Kitchens we are cyclists at heart. And we think the wheeled adventures on the freedom machine unites most of our community. Our trail runners use cycling for cross-training, as do our rowers, our swimmers, and of course our triathletes spend plenty of time on two-wheels.

So we would like to create a photo-log of the infamous rules of cycling, The Rules, as laid down by The Velominati, Keepers of the Cog.

It’s competition time!

We will be giving away prizes for your contribution to this photo journey. So get involved and join us in following the way of the cycling disciple…

Know your rules

Roll on over to The Velominati Rules and learn all 95 of the rules.

Capture the rules

Use Instagram to capture your interpretation of any rule and submit it to the Bakers at Megabake Kitchens by using the hashtag #mymegarule and/or tagging @megabake_kitchens in your post.

Rewards for your rules

Each month, we will pick our favourite rule interpretation to be included in our newsletter, and if it is yours you can claim your prize of a box of Megabake bars, a Megabake tee, a Megabake cap or a bag of our soon to be released Megabake granola.

You need to be subscribing to our newsletter to make sure you see your name up in lights with your artistic interpretation of The Rules, and when you do, get in touch to claim your prize.

Every photo that gets added to our Wall of The Rules will earn the artist a free Megabake energy bar when they next run into the bakers. Interstaters, we will find a way to look after you here. Let’s do this.

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Bending The Rules

Let’s not limit this to just road cycling. We are open to any interpretation of any of the rules applied to any activity. It’s about going hard and going well, wherever it is you’re going.

Rules for The Rules

You must own the copyright for the images you use, or at least have the permission from the copyright owner and give appropriate credits.

At Megabake, we do not encourage or endorse rule breaking and/or reckless behaviour in the pursuit of photos. Be sensible please peoples.

The Wall of Rules

The Disciple

The Ride

The Bike

The Aesthete

The Hardmen