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What is Australia’s largest women’s only MTB enduro event?


Chicks in the Sticks of course!

Imagine this… you’re deep in the forest on a private Mount Cotton property, riding a stunning 6.2km single track. The trail is hand cut, the air is fresh, the competition is stiff – yet the mood is festive. You overtake a tutu-wearing cyclist and a mohawk helmet colours your vision. The sun is smiling down on a field of more than 200 female riders who take on creek crossings and technical challenges such as, Bathtub, Gorilla and Phantom.


Today we’re reviewing the 2nd Annual Chicks in the Sticks event – an incredible trail that is accessible to all women, from rookies to podium finishers. The event presents en exclusive opportunity to ride this trail that rests on private property. Megabake was there, fueling the adventures of these enduring and enthusiastic athletes.

Event: Chicks in the Sticks 3 Hour Enduro
Organisers: RATS Cycling Club
Date: Sunday 28 August 2016
Location: Karingal Scout Camp, Mount Cotton
Duration: 3 hours (shorter for juniors)
Riders: 234
Lap distance: 6.2 km
Climbing: 110m
Trail: Mix of flowing single-track and fire trails
Cost: $10-$80 (Early bird prices available)


Need to know:

  • Working bees are held prior to prepare trails – your only other opportunity to ride the track
  • Training weekends to prepare riders for the course are run by Roadie Rob’s Bicycle school
  • New riders get a “New to MTB” rear bike placard to encourage courtesy and caution
  • Obstacles have a combination of B-lines and dedicated dismount points
  • Ridden anti-clockwise with 80% single track and just enough fire trail to overtake
  • Camping is available and opens at 3pm on Saturday
  • Community feel and less commercial than other events
  • MTBA racing licence or MTBA day licence required

Choose a Race Category

> Pick Chicken Run if you’re a regular on the racing scene with solid skills and fitness
> Go Free Range if you are a confident, intermediate rider with a few races under your belt
> Have a Crack if you’re a newly hatched MTB rider who wants to do their best
> The Queens of the Coop are the veteran racers – 50yrs and over
> Double Yokers tag-team in teams of two and Junior Double Yokers aged 11-14 race for 2hrs
> Chicken Nuggets (7-11yo) and the Chick-a-dees (12-16yo) do a 30 min Enduro on a modified course

Nutrition Race Plan

You can’t control the weather or who else is racing, but you can control your nutrition. No matter what your level, solid nutrition advice can help fuel your enduro event.

Tanya, a MTB newcomer, approached the Bakers at the Megabake stand prior to the race armed with a thirst for nutrition tips and a packet of snakes in her food pocket. Her choice of drink was Tailwind (solid on the electrolytes with a high energy content – see our blog post comparing energy drinks). Now typically we recommend one Megabake bar for every 1-1.5 hours so the advice to Tanya was to take 2-3 bars on the ride which, combined with the Tailwind, should give her the fuel she needs to get through the race. Have a nibble half an hour before the race. Break the bars into bite-sized pieces and make them easily accessible.

And the post-race outcome? Tanya came back, had a great race, felt good, energy levels good, didn’t touch the snakes and was stoked with the fueling plan and how it worked. She was very thankful and appreciative and it was one of the Bakers’ highlights for the weekend.

Chicks in the sticks podium elite winners

“Megabake gives you the energy to perform.”

We love talking nutrition strategies, and love educating people that it is the combination of all your fuel sources that is important and needs to be assessed as a whole. This plays a big part in why we have posted great, in-depth articles on energy drinks and energy gels.

Overall it was a fun day of riding and a fantastic community event, subsequently recognised by winning the Best Outdoor Event at the 2016 Brisbane City Council Outdoor Recreation Awards. High fives to the dedicated organising crew who are hand cutting an inspirational path for all MTB racing women to follow. The Bakers hope to see you all there in 2017. For more information and some great images from the day check out the Facebook page for Chicks in the Sticks.

Feed your body and feed it well.

– The bakers at Megabake Kitchens

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