Megabake: An enduring tale of curious ingenuity

Megabake kitchen storyboard

Megabake wasn’t founded with investor money, loans, or even a business plan.

It started when a curious chemical engineer decided to bake energy bars for himself and his enthusiastic cycling buddies. Like any good engineer, he rigorously examined the gels, bars and drinks marketed by sports nutrition companies and was left wanting. Most of the products were produced in the US and Europe and made compromises on quality. Many opted for highly processed and unethically sourced ingredients, all while dialing up company profit and propaganda.

The original Megabake recipe (if you can call it that) was scribbled on a scrap of paper by a fellow cyclist. The instructions were crude, there were no cooking times and vague quantities but the passionate cyclist excitedly swapped his helmet for a baker’s cap.


We don’t just make the bar, we raise it.

Batch-by-batch, he toiled in the kitchen, creating a science-based, premium energy bar made from natural ingredients that tasted as good as it performed.

The first guinea pigs were cyclists from a local bike shop and the bars were home-baked and hand-delivered. The feedback was outstanding. The bar was mega – delivering lightning fast carbohydrate uptake, fats for sustained energy and protein to repair hurting muscles. Orders grew as word spread about these all natural endurance enhancers that allowed athletes to go faster, longer and further.

Before long, Megabake was approached to be the nutrition sponsor for a team in the Queensland Road Series. Despite having a successful career and a young family, the baker accepted this exciting proposition and threw himself into the business of baking small batch, world-class energy bars.

Megabake sponsored the Cobra9 racing team.

Pulling back the curtain on the ‘energy’ industry.

Particular attention was paid to the shortfalls of competing energy bars. With this in mind, Megabake focused on balanced nutrition, high energy content and delicious natural ingredients that were easy to swallow and digest.

Baking kicked off at the Wandering Cooks commercial kitchens in West End, Brisbane, where the bakers refined the product within a community of artisan food producers, chefs, buyers and suppliers. The values of the brand echoed through every considered decision, from transparent packaging to the mindful sourcing of ingredients. A second version of the bar was launched and demand skyrocketed.

Brett the Baker at Megabake KitchensIt was a dream come true for the bakers.

Knowledgeable bikeshops, discerning cafes and clever gyms were Megabake’s early stockists and a community quickly rallied around the unique energy offering. Teams and individuals sought out sponsorships of Megabake products and the bakers were there beside them, filling water bottles, running alongside – the most dedicated sponsors on the circuit.

Megabake the energy bar of choice for discerning athletesTo be the energy bar of choice for so many athletes using the roads, trails, parks and gyms of Brisbane and beyond is a tremendous honour. As Megabake grows and fuels ever more adventures the mission remains sharp – to help our community understand that:

“- it’s your body (not your gear) that is the most important machine you have.”

Therein lies the story of our founding baker, who danced to the beat of his own drum, providing the market with a local product that he stands behind with pride and integrity.

We are PUMPED to keep baking as long as you keep fueling your body (and adventures) with the ultimate performance fuel.

Feed your body and feed it well.

– The bakers at Megabake Kitchens


P.S. If you want to see what other athletes are saying about our products, head over to our customer chatter page.

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