Fueling an Ultra

Footprints in frost on grass

Billy Tindall’s Ultra Marathon for Daniel

On frosty winter mornings, Billy Tindall lays down the first footprints of the day into the crackling surface of the local sporting fields. Billy is training for an ultra marathon, about 30 ultra marathons, back-to-back. Billy is running for a cause and that’s what keeps him going.

In September this year, Billy Tindall will undertake a solo run from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast to raise money and awareness for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

That’s about 1800 km of running, which we think is a pretty epic undertaking.

It’s exactly the kind of ultra endurance adventure we like to get involved with, even more so when it involves a nice guy doing a wonderful thing for a worthwhile cause. So we are fueling Billy for his adventure and we’re trying to help raise awareness for his cause. So if you have a little time and some money to spare, look into the Ultra Marathon for Daniel, make a donation and follow Billy’s adventure.

Let us share a little of what we know about the fascinating character that is Billy Tindall…

  • He is a Caboolture local
  • A former boxer, five-times Golden Gloves National Champion
  • A registered pharmacist working for the Jadin Chemist Group in the Caboolture area
  • A husband and a father
  • A humble, quiet guy with a determined spirit

Billy was born the same year as Daniel Morcombe, he grew up in a nearby area, and now that he is a father himself, the Daniel Morcombe story resonates strongly with him. So much so it has lit a fire within him to do something. Through his Ultra Marathon for Daniel, Billy is aiming to raise $100,000 for child safety education and to support child victims of crime.

We are inspired by Billy’s words for what he thinks this all means for his 2-year old son…

“I want to not only talk about, but show him through my actions what it means to never give up; to have self-belief, to not allow other’s perceived limitations hold you back and that winning is not about beating others. I want to instill in him the ethos of serving others and contributing to the betterment of society as a whole – never looking down, only helping up.”

What a tremendous outlook! Megabake is proud to be fueling this great adventure.

Get involved in the adventure…

Melbourne to Sunshine Coast Run Map

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