Our Characters and Places…

Founder / Director of Baking

Brett Ledger

Director of Baking image

Brett is the driving force behind Megabake and is passionate about sports nutrition, local products and local communities.

Brett launched Megabake with the belief that most people doing moderate to high intensity exercise are doing so with insufficient nutrition to get the most from their efforts. This is a product of the high cost of some sports nutrition, the poor quality of most sports nutrition, and a lack of knowledge of the importance of good nutrition during exercise. Brett is determined to deliver the best energy bars at an affordable price-point.

Brett is a believer in building local communities and through Megabake his vision is to engage and work with other local people and businesses.

The Apprentice


The Apprentice image

Passionate about food and life, Remy is the perfect ambassador for the brand.

He rides, he runs, he swims, he bakes (not the bars you get!). Life is his adventure and he fuels his adventure with Megabake, and has done for his entire life. Remy is a connoisseur of energy bars having eaten his way through every evolution of the Megabake energy bars.

A highly skilled and dedicated baker, his prowess in the kitchen is let down only by his poor regard for personal hygiene, hence his contributions to Megabake are strictly constrained to activities outside of the kitchens.

He is in charge of morale and special deliveries.

The Kitchens

Wandering Cooks

Wandering Cooks kitchen image

The Megabake bakers craft their products out of the Wandering Cooks commercial kitchen facilities in South Brisbane.

Equipped with five food preparation areas, a high-class fit-out, storage space, a function area and oozing with character, Wandering Cooks provides an ideal facility from which to turn out the Megabake creations. Pride of the bakers is the Logiudice FOX Rotary Convection Oven that turns out the bars baked to perfection every time.

Wandering Cooks has become the hub of Brisbane’s artisan food community and Megabake is proud to be part of the Wandering Cooks community and producing out of their facilities. See the Wandering Cooks website for more details of their tremendous venture.

The Nemesis

The Witch With Green Teeth

Witch With Green Teeth image

So who is the Witch With Green Teeth? For a French cyclist, to meet the Witch With Green Teeth is to suffer a hunger flat or to ‘bonk’. Don’t eat enough on a hard day out and you may meet the Witch With Green Teeth. She is on every road, track and trail, lurking in every park and gym, but there are no signs as to where; she is often just around the corner, but which corner?

None are spared who meet her. She swoops suddenly, silently and indiscriminately. In an instant her cold and wicked hands reach far into the depths of your soul and crush all that is good in you; emptied of energy, hope and happiness she casts your broken wreckage into the ditch by the side of the road and leaves you to limp home with only misery for company.

Once her spell has been cast you become an empty shell of the athlete you were only minutes earlier, and there is no recovery, at least not for that day. Take your penance and seek your vengeance tomorrow, but this time, pack a Megabake Witch Eater Energy Bar and smile back at the Witch With Green Teeth for this day is yours.

The Inspiration


Manson, the inspiration image

Elite Brisbane cyclist and provider of the first Megabake recipe.

Manson represents the essence of the Megabake brand. If you are dissatisfied with what the commercial market delivers, make it yourself and do it better. He rides often and he always rides hard. His body is a finely tuned performance machine yet he would not be able to tell you how much he weighs. Training program – no way, he rides because he likes to ride his bike. Indoor trainer – sold it, he would rather ride in the rain than ride indoors. Power meter – no, couldn’t be bothered. Cadence sensor – no, he knows what he’s riding at. Heart rate monitor – sometimes. Race strategy – attack, attack, attack.

Manson is old-school and that tag comes with RESPECT.

At Megabake, we would like to bottle the essence of Manson and share the goodness around.

Thankyou Manson for being the seed that spawned Megabake.

The Community


cycling figurine peloton

The Megabake products are pitched at local people going about their adventures; cyclists, mountain bikers, runners, trail walkers, gym-goers, cross-fitters, rowers, swimmers and active people in general. From entry level to the top-level amateur sportsperson, we want people to be fuelled on an energy source that helps them get the most out of their efforts.

At Megabake we dream of becoming the energy bar of choice for local athletes and connecting with a loyal community of users on the local roads, tracks, trails, parks, gyms and waters, sharing the adventures that are fuelled by Megabake and telling their stories.